Tesco Lotus Club Card in Thailand is Awesome: Saves You Loads of Money

tesco lotus club card


I love my Tesco Lotus Club Card. It’s a relatively new addition to my wallet, and I use it every time I shop at Tesco Lotus in Thailand. Since I received my latest batch of cash coupons, however, I’ve been loving it even more.

What is the Tesco Lotus Club Card?

The Tesco Lotus Club Card in Thailand is a points card you apply for at your local Tesco Lotus. The application takes five minutes to complete, and the card is completely free. Shove it in your wallet and then just remember to give it to the cashier every time you shop at Tesco Lotus so she can scan it for you, and that’s it.

Points continue to be added to your Tesco Lotus Club Card account every time you shop at any Tesco Lotus in Thailand. At the end of every three months, points are calculated and then Tesco mails cash coupons to you. The amount you receive, of course, depends on how many points you have accumulated during the previous three months.

In my latest Tesco Lotus batch of cash coupons, I received two coupons that totaled just over 225 baht. That meant, the next two times I shopped at Tesco (one coupon per trip), I saved a total of 225 baht on my grocery shopping charges as I just presented the coupons to the cashier and she deducted the amount from my grocery bill. As 225 baht is around $7.20, that was a nice amount to save on my regular grocery bill.

If I had shopped at Tesco Lotus more during the previous three months, of course, the amount I saved would have been even higher.

Additional Money-Off Tesco Lotus Coupons

The other thing I like about having the Tesco Lotus Club Card in Thailand are the extra money-off coupons they include in the package along with your cash coupons. As the coupons are targeted towards what you normally buy, I was given money-off coupons for the brand of butter I always buy, the coffee I usually pick up and money off some of the pre-packaged food I occasionally buy.

It’s only a few baht off per item you purchase but as they are items you always purchase anyway, it’s not as if you have to buy something you really don’t need just to save money.

All in all, if you haven’t signed up for the Tesco Lotus Club Card yet, I’d say do it the next time you visit a Tesco Lotus in Thailand. Sure, it’s not a huge amount of savings but, even for me, who only spends a minimal amount of my grocery bill every month at Tesco, I’ll still end up saving around $40 a year on my grocery. Not bad for basically doing nothing different than I would normally do.

You can find out more about the Tesco Lotus Club Card in Thailand on Tesco’s website.