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Tesco Product Packaging in Thailand: More Than a Little Misleading

product packaging thailand tesco
Tesco barnd washing powder on the left hand side, with the name ‘Tesco’ in very light lettering and the brand name on the right hand side.


Tesco product packaging in Thailand is misleading

The other week, one of my Thai friends was complaining about Tesco product packaging in Thailand.

Apparently, she’d gone to a Tesco Lotus store in Bangkok and, in her hurry, grabbed what she thought was the same packet of white, scented garbage bags she always buys. When she got home, however, she discovered instead of the brand name garbage bags made by a Thai company that she wanted, she ended up with cheap knock-off garbage bags made by Tesco.

The problem? Tesco had repackaged their Tesco brand of garbage bags so that they looked so similar to the brand name bags, you really needed to look carefully to tell the difference.


tesco lotus brand washing powder


How many items have Tesco product packaging in Thailand that’s similar to brand names? Hundreds

Intrigued by this, I visited a Tesco Lotus supermarket in Bangkok and made an effort to check Tesco product packaging. Imagine my surprise when I saw product after product, literally hundreds of them, either repackaged with new packaging so it closely resembles the brand name product, or it’s a completely new Tesco product created to look the same as the brand name one.

Now, Tesco has always had questionable ethics, most of us already know this. After all, the term “ethics” and “Tesco” rarely come up in the same sentence. Unless in the negative form, that is.

But you have to imagine, if this was going on in a more developed country, it wouldn’t be allowed for more than 10 minutes before not only the local Fairness in Advertising board but also the representatives of companies whose products were affected would be making sure it stopped.

Thailand should stop deceptive packaging by companies like Tesco

Thailand needs to make sure it stops too. That’s because Tesco deliberately producing product packaging in Thailand similar to name brands is obviously an attempt to fool the consumer, as there’s absolutely no other reason to do it.

And that, in any country, is a bad thing.

As for me, now I have seen what Tesco is doing, whereas before I might have bought the Tesco product, now I make absolutely sure I buy the brand name product instead. It might be a few more baht, but at least I’m buying a product from a company that isn’t trying to fool its customers about what it’s selling.

Interestingly, Richard Barrow’s website also has a similar story on the misleading Tesco product packaging in Thailand, and his photographs are even more worrying.