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Thai Airways Cancels 500 Flights Due to Floods in Bangkok, Thailand


Thailand’s beleagured national airline, Thai Airways, and the country’s tourist industry continues to get hit financially due to flooding in Bangkok. Thai Airways have just announced they’ve cancelled more than 500 flights into, out of and around Thailand in the last few weeks, due to cancellations from passengers worried about the floods. The ever-falling tourist numbers are also affecting Thailand’s tourist industry as tourist cancel planned holidays and go to other countries instead.

Thai Airways had already lost 4.8 billion baht in the first nine months of 2011 (although that’s not surprising, as Thai Airways always loses money), but the loses they’ve sustained during the final quarter of the year could dwarf even that.

Thai Airways flights into Suvarnabhumi Airport during October and midway through Bangkok’s  floods saw passengers fall from an average of 130,000 people per month to around 100,000 – a fall of almost 25%.

Oddly, up until recently, the Thailand Tourism Authority (TAT) had kept insisting tourism numbers were not falling during flooding. Even a fool could see they were.