Thai Airways to Offer Wi-Fi On Board Planes from September, 2013: Expensive? Probably

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Thai Airways will soon have Wi-Fi on board all planes

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) has just approved an application from Thai Airways to allow them to offer Wi-Fi on board all their planes. The 2.4-gigahertz Wi-Fi is expected to be on board all Thai Airways planes by September. Nice, eh?


Personally, I don’t even look at Thai Airways when I fly either within Thailand or on international flights from Bangkok. I’ve flown them a couple of times in the past and they’re a decent enough airline, but the problem is the price of their fares. Usually 20 percent or more higher than most other airlines flying to the same destination, Thai Airways is rarely worth looking at unfortunately. Guess that’s what happens in Thailand when you’re the national carrier.

The cost of Wi-Fi on Thai Airways planes?

So, as far as Wi-Fi on board all Thai Airways planes, while it sounds perfectly nice, when you factor in once Thai Airways has the license they’ll only be able to choose between two Wi-Fi carriers — Air Mobile from the United Kingdom and the Swiss service On Air — it likely means the cost to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi on any Thai Airways plane is likely to be exorbitant. At least 10 euros, or $13.50 (435 baht) an hour it seems.

All I can say is, even though I spend 10 hours a day online when I’m at home, I can certainly live without Wi-Fi for the few hours I’m on board a plane. How about you?

Meanwhile, we’ll keep you updated once Thai Airways announce the actual on board Wi-Fi price.