Thai Bomb Disposal Expert Survives Car Bomb Blast in Southern Thailand

Thai bomb disposal expert (on left) as car bomb explodes


This video definitely has to be added to our “Only in Thailand” category as it’s truly amazing. It shows what happened in Narathiwat in Southern Thailand this week, when a car bomb was triggered from a remote location by someone who is watching a Thai bomb disposal expert check out the car for explosives. The bomb goes off and the Thai bomb disposal expert is launched 10 feet backwards. But what happens next is the amazing part.

Less than 10 seconds after being blown off his feet, the bomb disposal expert picks himself up, raises his arms to show he’s okay, and lumbers away from the still-smoking car. He was treated for extremely minor injuries and released from hospital a couple of hours later.

Experts said it was his protective suit that saved him. What’s betting the company that made that suit suddenly gets a lot more orders!

The culprits who set the bomb haven’t been apprehended yet, but Thai police think it’s likely the work of Muslim separatists, as it usually is in southern Thailand when these things happen.