Thai Crepes With Ice Cream – Decadent and Soooo Cheap

I am an absolute sucker for Thai crepes and, when they come with ice cream and fruit, even better.

You can buy traditional Thai-style crepes at just about every restaurant area in every shopping mall in Thailand and, at around 49 baht ($1.40), they are dirt cheap.

Of course, like just about every other dessert here in Thailand, Thai crepes with ice cream are loaded with calories, as it is not only the crepe and the ice cream that pile on the calories but also the toppings.

Then again, though, who could possibly resist them. Especially on a hot Thai day.

If you see a Thai crepe stalls the next time you are in Thailand, don’t pass on by, buy one. Especially as these delicious desserts are made fresh while you wait.

At each stall, you will see a glass case with plastic models of all their different versions of crepes – some with ice cream, some with fruit, some with chocolate etc – and really all you have to do is point at the one you want.

The vendor will then freshly make the crepe on a hot griddle, and stuff it with ice cream or anything else you fancy – all served in a handy little paper cone. The stall will usually also have extra toppings if you want to add any of those and, at 5-10 baht per topping, they are usually worth it.

If there are any toppings that normally come with the crepe that you do not want, if you don’t speak Thai, just motion to the seller not to put them on your crepe and he will understand.

The crepe I bought (above), which was from a stall in the basement of Union Mall on Pahonyothin Road, had three scoops of ice cream, chocolate sauce, bananas and a crunchy Thai cereal stuffed in it and all topped with colorful sprinkles – all for $1.40. Yum!