Thai Movie Karaoke Girl (Sao Karaoke) Looks at Thailand’s Sex Industry (Video)

karaoke girl bangkok


Karaoke Girl tells the story of Sa, a Bangkok escort girl

There’s a new independent movie about to be released in Thailand. Called Sao Karaoke, or Karaoke Girl, it tells the story of Sa, a country girl from the poor Isaan region of Thailand who is sent to Bangkok by her parents when she is just 15 to get a job.

Sa works in a factory for a couple of years, then realizes she is never going to make enough money to establish a decent life for herself or to help support her family. So she makes the difficult decision to get a job in a karaoke bar and becomes an escort girl in the thriving sex industry in Thailand.

Several years later, Sa’s story is told by director Visra Vichit-Vadakan in his new independent film Karaoke Girl.

Karaoke Girl is due to be released in Bangkok at the Lido and Major Esplanade starting October 3rd, then later on in October at House RCA and, yes, it looks well worth going to see.

Karaoke Girl, by the way, is a mix of documentary and fiction, but still tells the true story of just one of Bangkok’s tens of thousands of sex workers. Let’s face it, anything that shines a spotlight on the girls in Bangkok’s sex trade, without judging them or the decisions they make, can only be a good thing.

Watch the Karaoke Girl trailer below.