Thai Policewomen Dance in Campaign to Cut Songkran Accidents (Video)


Every year at Songkran (the Thai New Year) in Thailand there are far too many deaths due to drinking and driving or other stupid behavior, so this year a group of Thai policewomen have begun a campaign to draw attention to the high accident rate and to ask Thais to be more careful.

Of course, this being Thailand, it is no ordinary campaign. Instead, this No Drinking and Driving Thailand campaign involves cute policewomen in uniform dancing to a song – สงกรานต์ขับไม่ดื่ม “Songkran-Kub-Mai-Duem” (Drink don’t drive during Songkran Festival).

What is even more amazing about this video is the Thai police have obviously cleared a major area of downtown Bangkok right outside the country’s largest mall, Central World, so the policewomen can dance in the street.

After all, we have been in Thailand a decade, and have never seen that street so empty.

Cute though, eh?

And, of course, only in Thailand. Personally, we think they should do a new video every year as this is lovely.