Thai Satellite: 300 Objects Possibly From Malaysia Airlines Missing Plane MH370

thai satellite


With satellite images coming thick and fast from various countries in the last few days in an effort to locate the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, flight MH370, Thailand has also handed over its satellite images to investigators this week.

A Thai satellite photographed more than 300 objects floating in the Indian Ocean on Monday, in a location somewhere west of Australia, objects Thai satellite analysts say may be part of the missing Malaysian aircraft.

What are possibly the same objects were also photographed in a similar location by a French satellite a day earlier.

Meanwhile, according to Australian authorities, search efforts have been moved from the area originally being scoured earlier in the week to an area around 1,850km west of Perth, Australia more than 1,000 kilometres from where the Thai satellite is showing debris. (Which also shows investigators really have no idea where to look, they’re just grabbing at straws).

Australian officials, however, say that’s due to new data that says it’s possible the plane was traveling faster than first thought so would have run out of petrol a lot sooner. Where that leaves the area where the Thai satellite photographed debris, however, isn’t clear.

Flight MH370 with 239 people on board went missing on March 8th, with no concrete information as yet as to why or where it finally ended up.

With these Thai satellite images, however, it’s possible these 300-plus objects could be part of that mystery and could help the investigation come to a speedier conclusion. IF investigators choose to act upon the images and not just go off searching elsewhere half-cock.