Thai ‘Splash Out’ Video Goes Viral on YouTube — Almost 9 Million Views

splash out thai music video


While, of course, you might be forgiven for thinking the new Thai music video “Splash Out” is an effort for Thai singers to make it as big as Psy’s hit “Gangnam Style”, honestly, who cares. It’s a fun, catchy, and uniquely Thai-style song and, oh, did I mention Splash Out has gone viral on YouTube?

Just in case you’re one of the handful of people in Thailand that hasn’t seen this video yet, let me fill you in. Splash Out is a music video put together by Thai hip-hop group 3.2.1 and singer Baitoey R Siam. In the two weeks since it was posted on YouTube, it’s garnered almost 9 million views with more being added hourly. It’s even become popular in Taiwan.

Funnily too, in true Thai-style, the song isn’t quite what you might expect.

Called Rak Tong Perd (Naen Ok) [รักต้องเปิด(แน่นอก) in Thai,translated into English as Love Must Be Open (Breast Pain), it actually uses a colloquial Thai saying to talk about how women are too open about their feelings when they feel that love pain in their chest. In the tongue-in-cheek way of many Thai sayings, however, it can also be translated as women who bare their breasts when they feel that burning. Naughty, naughty, naughty.

The video too is highly sexually-suggestive with lots of hip gyrations, pseudo-touching of breasts and a vast stripping of off clothing (by the women, of course) but it still manages to keep that Thai feeling of innocence many of us here love so much.

Pretty girls dancing to a catchy Thai pop song and wearing sexy clothes? No wonder Splash Out has gone viral on YouTube. Watch it below, It’s a blast. And yes, I do hope it makes it as big as “Gangnam Style”. It’s about time Thai music went global as some of it really is good.

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