Thailand Box Office May 9-12, 2013: Are American or Thai Movies Popular? (Video)

grean fictions poster


If you’ve ever been to Thailand and seen the huge lines for the movie theatre, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear movies are popular in Thailand. That’s why I thought it would be interesting to do a weekly story on the Thailand box office, starting with May 9-12, 2013. After all, while you might think Thais only watch American movies or others may think only Thai films are popular in the Land of Smiiles — you may actually be surprised at which are the top movies at the Thai box office.

For the weekend of May 9-12, 2013 the Thai box office was probably quite predictable with its number one spot, with Iron Man 3 at the top for a second week in a row. Considering just about every Thai I know has seen Iron Man 3 in the last couple of weeks, nope, no surprises there.

The other movies on the top 12 list at the Thai box office for May 9-12, 2013, might surprise you a little bit, however.

The full list.looks like this:

1. Iron Man 3 – (USA made, major studio release)

2. Star Trek Into Darkness (Yep, Star Trek is hugely popular in Thailand too – US made)

3. Pee Mak Phra Kanong (the highest grossing Thai movie of all time, that’s finally fallen from the number 1 spot after six weeks).

4. Evil Dead (2013) – (US made)

5. Welcome to the Punch – (British film)

6. 3096 Days – (German)

7. The Expatriate – (US made)

8. Oblivion  (US Made)

9. One Piece Film Z (Japanese)

10. Grean Fictions (Thai teenage romantic comedy)

11. The Place Beyond the Pines (US made)

12. Polisse (French)

13. To the Wonder (Irish film)

14. Khu Kam (Sunset at Chao Praya) – (remake of a classic Thai movies)

As you can see, out of the 14 top movies in Thailand for the weekend of May 9-12, 2013, six films were American, three were Thai, one was British, one was German, one was French, one was Japanese and one was Irish.

Now that’s pretty typical for what we often see at the top of the Thai box office. Usually a more cosmopolitan mix than you’ll see at the American box office, and more like the European box office than anywhere.

Thailand, see. When it comes to what ends up at the top of the Thai box office, we might not be as predictable as you may think.