Thailand Coffee Fest 2017 at Queen Sirikit Convention Center, February 23-26th — Coffee Addicts Welcome

Thailand Coffee Fest Queen Sirikit

If you love coffee or are even a bit of a coffee addict, then you should be heading to the Queen Sirikit Convention Center on February 23rd to 26th, as that is where  you will find the Thailand Coffee Fest, 2017.

The Thailand Coffee Fest is the country’s largest coffee event, with every avenue of the coffee industry covered — from growing to roasting, demonstrations of the machinery necessary to produce that delicious brew and, of course, representatives from the cafes and restaurants that finally sell it.

If you would like to learn more about coffee in Thailand and elsewhere, there will be coffee workshops, tastings, and seminars. Even lectures by coffee experts. Various awards will also be given, which will give you a good idea of which cafes around the Kingdom you should be going to in future to drink your favorite brew.

If your goal is to open your own coffee shop in Thailand, then the Thailand Coffee Fest, 2017 is definitely for you as this is where you can talk to the people who have already done just that, as well as buy some of the latest coffee-related gadgets the best cafes and brewers are now using.

And, if you want to drink some of the best coffee in the country and from overseas as well, the Cafe Village Zone is where you will want to be as the best indie coffee shops from the Kingdom will be there selling some amazing coffee and some pretty great food. (Well, it is Thailand — food just has to come with the beverage, any beverage!)

If you work at a coffee shop and would love to show off your coffee-making skills, there will even be a barista competition — the World Espresso Yenn Championship #1 2017 (WEYC2017)– with a 100,000 baht prize being awarded to the person the judges believe out-brews and out-designs the rest.

You can find out more about the Thailand Coffee Fest 2017 on the SCATH Facebook page. But that sounds like a fun place in Bangkok to be for a coffee addict like me.