Thailand Has the World’s Worst Weather: Really

rain thailand motorbike
Photo copyright Sukanto Debnath, Creative Commons license


Thailand has the world’s worst weather – well, it does to me

Okay, so maybe Thailand doesn’t quite have the world’s worst weather but, some days, it definitely feels like it. After all, when you get 300-plus days a year over 93 degrees with at least 80 percent humidity (and boy, do you sweat!) and then 45 of the other 55 days it’s pouring with rain (and yes, it’s still hot!), you have to admit the weather in Thailand isn’t ideal.

The rainy season makes sure Thailand has the world’s worst weather

Take this month, for instance. Thailand is currently coming to the end of the rainy season so, as should be expected, we have rain and have had rain for several months. But…’s rained every day for over three weeks now and, recently, it hasn’t just been the typical 30 minute heavy showers followed by 23 1/2 hours of sun either. Oh no. It’s bucketed it down for hours.

Or, like today, it was raining when I woke up, was still raining when I eventually had to force myself to walk to the grocery store at lunchtime in almost ankle-deep water (no motorcycle taxis in the rain and the traffic was at a standstill so no taxis either), and was absolutely pouring down when I came out of the supermarket an hour later loaded down with plastic bags and desperately tried to wave down a taxi.

Now, four hours later, it’s still drizzling heavily and all the signs show we’re going to get another torrential downpour within the hour.

I mean, come on, wouldn’t it be nice to just get one day where it doesn’t bucket it down with rain or where the temperature on every soi in Bangkok isn’t above 98 degrees?

The British love the weather in Thailand, many other nationalities don’t

What’s funny is the British seem to be one of the few nationalities that actually love the weather in Thailand. The Thais don’t. They think it’s far too hot, and they detest the rain.

The British, however, coming from a country where it rains over 250 days a year and it’s cold and damp all the time (I’m British so know just what that¬†weather is like, thank you very much), seem to love Thailand’s roasting hot weather as they can walk around without having to think about wearing five layers of clothing just to keep the cold out and, except for rainy season, don’t have to worry about rain every day.

The difference for me is I left the UK as a young adult and have since lived in places with much better weather. So, when I’m faced with skin blistering heat, horrendous humidity or rain in Thailand, I don’t find the weather quite so “lovely”. Instead, my usual sentiment is “Thailand has the world’s worst weather”.

I swear. If it wasn’t for the amazing food, the fabulous people, the incredible shopping, the gorgeous beaches, the inexpensive standard of living, the Thai smiles, the millions of things to do, the phenomenal markets and street stalls, the delightful Thai sense of humor I’d have left Thailand long ago.

Well…..not really. But GOOOOOOOOOOD, I hate the weather!