Thailand tourism dead for the future after CCSA says shorter quarantine from October for vaccinated

It has become patently obvious in recent months, Thai authorities have no idea how to resurrect Thailand’s almost completely dead tourism industry.

With today’s story in the Bangkok Post about shorter quarantine in Thailand being offered for those who are vaccinated against Covid-19 after October 1st, it is also obvious Thailand’s tourism industry is not going to recover.

As tourism makes up more than 20% of Thailand’s GDP, that also means Thailand’s economy will also not be recovering in the foreseeable future.

Something Thailand’s corrupt elite are probably not that concerned about. For the rest of Thailand, however, this will be economically devastating. (continue reading below)

Is Thailand’s economy collapsing? Industry leaders say yes if foreign tourists don’t return soon

According to the Bangkok Post, the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has announced the current 14-day mandatory quarantine for visitors to Thailand could be reduced. If the person arriving in the country has been vaccinated within the last three months.

Apparently, the CCSA believes, not only is a vaccine not effective for longer than three months, but it is not effective at all if a vaccinated person must still quarantine.

As the CCSA is obviously also not planning any recovery of Thailand’s devastated tourism industry before at least October, Thais can kiss goodbye to the majority of tourists arriving before at least mid-2022.

In a tourism industry with up to 90% of its businesses completely closed down, this is the final nail in the coffin.

Meanwhile, other countries are now opening up their tourism industries without the need for mandatory quarantines as their governments realize a dead tourism industry negatively affects their entire economy.

Unfortunately, with most in the current Thai government not seeming to understand basic economics,  and shorter quarantine in Thailand certainly not encouraging most tourists to travel to the South East Asian country, the country will yet again be left behind.