Thailand’s D Cash Master Mass Color Cream Hair Dye is Amazing

I have been coloring my hair since I was 18 years old and, yes, that’s a lot of years. I’ve used many different brands of hair dye but, since I came to Thailand, I’ve stuck with L’Oreal. It’s European, my hair looks fine no matter what shade of hair dye I try, and it’s only 300 baht ($10) a box. But, a few months ago, I discovered a Thai hair dye called D Cash Master Mass Cream Color (ignore the weird name) and it is absolutely amazing. In fact, since I bought my first box of D Cash Master Mass Cream Color I haven’t bought another box of L’Oreal hair dye, and I doubt I ever will.

I ended up buying D Cash Master Mass Cream Color the first time simply because I got to the 7-11 to grab my normal box of L’Oreal and realized, when I opened my wallet to pay, not only did I not have 300 baht on me, I’d left my ATM card at home too.

On my way back to the shelf to return the L’Oreal, which I would have to buy another day, my eyes alighted on a box called D Cash Master Mass Cream Color, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. A Thai brand, where L’Oreal charges 300 baht ($10) for their hair dye, D Cash was only 60 baht ($1.97). So, having only 200 baht on me, D Cash Master Mass Cream Color fit into my budget and I bought it. But, as soon as I colored my hair with it the first time, I knew I would never buy anything else.

D Cash hair color is incredible. It takes less than 30 minutes to color my hair but, where L’Oreal and other brands eventually wash out and my grey hairs begin to show, DCash never washes out. It dyes your hair a smooth, perfectly coated color, with no odd shades or missed bits and it looks beautifully natural and stays the exact same shade until you color it again. Even though it’s technically made for Asian hair, I suppose, it does a phenomenal job on my western hair and I couldn’t be happier.

D Cash Master Mass Cream Color comes in many colors all the way from black down to many shades of blonde. So far, I’ve tried the Chocolate Brown and the Light Chocolate, and they both dyed my hair beautiful shades of natural looking brown.

If you want to try this amazing Thai hair dye, you can pick up a box or two at – they have most of the D Cash shades available and at the same cheap prices that Thailand’s 7-11 and supermarkets have.