Thailand’s Most Famous Singer, Tata Young and, Yes, She’s Fabulous

 Thailand’s most famous singer, both in and out of the country, is a woman called Tata Young. Half-American and half Thai, Tata Young first came to prominence in Thailand when she won a Thai singing competition.

TV shows, concerts and movies came after, with Tata Young soon also becoming one of Thailand’s most famous young actresses.

Unfortunately, in the last few years, Ms.Young isn’t as popular in Thailand as she used to be. Deemed by many to be ‘not Thai’ because of the way she behaves (outgoing,self-confident, loud and aggressive), many Thais think she’s an embarrassment to their country.

Of course, that idea was cemented for many Thais when her song “Naughty, Sexy, Bitchy” made it really big all over Asia, and Tata Young’s popularity skyrocketed.

For me, though, I love Tata Young as she is confident, aggressive, outgoing and loud.

She’s also smart, funny and an incredible business woman, as well as a talented singer, dancer and actress. Above and beyond that, she also seems to be a very nice person who just gets treated and viewed unfairly by many of her fellow Thais.

If you’re not familiar with Tata Young, you can see her in the Thai movies ‘The Red Bike Story‘,  and ‘O Negative’, or check out one of her albums like ‘Dangerous Tata. As you’ll see, she’s an all-around talented performer.