Thais Cheat More on Spouses and Partners Than Any Other Nationality?


Thailand has been in a bit of an uproar this week after a study was published by Durex, the condom people. According to them, after surveying more than 29,000 people in 36 countries about cheating in relationships Thais came out top when it came to cheating on their partners. Apparently, 54 percent of Thai men admitted they had cheated or cheat on their partner or spouse. As for Thai women, 59 percent admitted they had cheated.

What makes this Durex study absolutely ludicrous is, sure, hardly anyone in Thailand would find fault with the fact that Thai men cheat, expect to say that it’s probably a lot higher than 54 percent of them but, what’s not believable is the statement that supposedly 59 percent of Thai women cheat. In other words, more Thai women than Thai men cheat. Please. I’ve never heard a more ludicrous statement since George Bush declared “Mission accomplished” when he decided America had won the war in Iraq.

A high percentage of Thai women, even nowadays, are still virgins when they get married. I’ve lost count of the number of Thai women I know who, even in their 30s and 40s have never had sex with anyone.  On top of that, according to the Thai government, 40 percent of Thai women in Bangkok who are at ‘marriage age’ (16-45) are still single, and it’s only slightly lower outside Bangkok. A recent Thai study even showed that the majority of Thai women had had no more than two sexual partners in their lives.

So, if 59 percent of Thai women are cheats, where are they all coming from?

Shoddy data and lies from Durex, that’s where. In fact, nowhere does Durex publish how they collect the data except to say it was done via emails and that 1,000 people in each country answered surveys. Right there, there’s a problem with the data as, if 1,000 people per country supposedly answered then how do you only have 29,000 people from 36 countries? Aren’t they 7,000 people short? Plus, when you think they only asked 1,000 Chinese out of 1.3 billion of them, but 1,000 Thais out of 62 million? Yep, the data is very, very faulty.

If you want accurate data about Thais and their sex lives and whether Thai men and women cheat on their spouses (well, we all know Thai men do, including the women they’re married to), you’re far better ignoring the Durex survey, which is garbage, and reading The International Encyclopedia of Sex — Thailand section. It’s highly informative and scientifically researched.

The Durex survey doesn’t deserve to be anywhere except in the garbage can with the condom you used last night. Oh, and don’t buy Durex condoms. They might be just as crap as their surveys.