Thais Collecting Money For Earthquake and Tsunami-Hit Japan


It’s been nice this week to see Thais out in force to help earthquake and tsunami-hit Japan. Either organizing some kind of fundraising, or giving money themselves, Thais (who adore Japan and the Japanese!) are showing they are willing to help too.

It’s particularly heart-warming, coming from a country like Thailand, where many of the people donating to help Japan don’t have that much money themselves. Yet so many are willing to give it and do without something themselves.

I was at Chatuchak with a Thai friend on Saturday and saw several groups of Thai students singing and collecting money for Japanese earthquake victims, as well as a very official man escorted by Thai police, who was also getting some wonderful donations.


Let’s hope Thailand and Thais are able to raise a lot of money for the Japanese relief efforts. Heaven knows, the poor people in the northern part of Japan are really going to need it.