Thais Eat Soooo Much Fried Seaweed – Oishi, Tao Kae Noi and More

fried seaweed thailand as far as the eye can see
Fried seaweed as far as the eye can see

Fried seaweed is a favorite Thai snack

One of the things you might be surprised about on your first visit to a Thai supermarket is how much fried seaweed Thais eat. Not only does fried seaweed in Bangkok take up half an aisle at the supermarket, there are so many different brands to choose from.

Tao Kae Noi, of course, is the most famous one — particularly since the movie, Top Secret or Wai Roon Pan Lan came out a couple of years ago. But every Thai supermarket has many other fried seaweed brands, including their own store brand.

Oishi too recently added fried seaweed to the line up of products they sell, and the flavors they produce are lovely. My favorite currently is the Oishi Onori Super Pizza flavor, with the Oishi Nabe Tom Yum not far behind.

At my local Tesco Lotus in Bangkok, half of the snack aisle is taken up with fried and roasted seaweed snacks — everything from the original crispy fried seaweed to fried seaweed with chili, seafood flavor, BBQ flavor, shrimp flavor and more.


Sometimes, there’s so much choice I spend 10 minutes just trying to figure out which brand I want that week and which flavors I feel like eating. And, yep, sometimes I leave with far more bags of seaweed snacks than I probably should be consuming.

Here you’ll see just a couple of photos of the fried seaweed in the snack aisle at Tesco Lotus. Crazy, eh? But ooooooohhhh so delicious!


Oishi fried seaweed bangkok thailand
Bags of the Oishi brand seaweed, which you’ll easily recognize from the manga-style packaging – yeah, maybe that’s why I buy so much of it. Or maybe because it’s only $1.30 a bag.