Thais Worried About Rising Prices Not Politics ABAC Poll Shows

photo copyright xophe_g, Creative Commons License

A new ABAC poll shows Thais are tired of the political fighting from both sides of the fence and are much more worried about the rapidly rising prices in Thailand than they are about the political divide.

In fact, 50 percent of people polled said the economy was what politicians should be concentrating on and not the constant political attacks.

Interestingly, that’s also what we have witnessed when we have spoken to average Thais.

Nobody we know cares about the political situation or even wants to discuss it, as they are becoming so tired of the Democrats and Pheu Thai and the constant bickering and attacks that go backward and forward.

What they do want to discuss is why are food prices increasing, and why does the government not seem to be able to control them?

Food prices in Thailand have been steadily rising in the last few months. Even buying food on the street at an average food stall has gone up by 5-15 baht per dish.

With an average Thai salary around 8,000 to 10,000 baht ($266 to $333) a month, an increase in basic meals of between 450-1,350 baht per month is a huge increase.

Buying food at the supermarket in Thailand has also increased with milk, bread, noodles, rice, many vegetables and fruit and other basic food stuffs also increasing in price.

Even when you shop at local markets now, prices have risen for vegetables, fruit, pork, chicken and meat, as small business owners have to increase prices to consumers when their costs are also rising.

Unfortunately, with some of the policies the current government is putting into effect (the increase to 300 baht per day minimum wage, for instance) as well as the rising costs of oil, prices are not likely to decrease in Thailand.

If anything they will continue to rise, causing even more hardship for the average Thai.