Thamm Culture Inspiration Rice: The Tastiest, Best Rice in Thailand?

thamm inspiration rice


Thamm Culture Inspiration Rice is exceptionally tasty

When I first moved to Thailand, I wasn’t picky about Thai rice and basically ate what was served to me. But, after becoming friendly with a Thai woman who would only eat the better qualities of rice and insisted I try them as well, I soon became a lot more particular about the Thai rice I would buy and, yes, I can now taste a difference.

That’s why the Thai rice brand I buy most often is one produced by a Thai company called Unigrain, which sells some of the better rice on the market in Thailand. My favorite variety of Unigrain rice is one sold under their ‘Thamm Culture‘ label, and I bought it the first time simply because I loved the beautiful packaging. I’ve bought it ever since as I adore the incredible taste.


Thamm Culture has three types of Thai rice combinations

The particular Thamm Culture rice I normally buy has the lovely name of Inspiration Rice, and is a mix of Jasmine white rice and Princess Pearl glutinous white rice. It’s flavorful, tasty and soft and smells wonderful when cooking.

Unigrain also sells two other varieties of rice under the Inspiration Rice label, both of which are combinations of two brown rice-based products and, yes, they are equally as delicious.

I buy my Thamm Culture Inspiration Rice at Tesco Lotus, Tops or other similar supermarkets. I really like fresh rice so I’m happy with the small 525g bags, but even one of those is enough rice for me for two weeks.

As for the price? 36 baht or $1.14 for enough rice for around 10 meals. Pretty cheap, I’d say. So, yes, I love Thamm Culture rice. It’s inexpensive and its yummy.