Thammasat University in Rangsit, Bangkok Under Water

According to Thai TV news, Thammasat University, the Rangsit campus, is starting to flood. Thammasat is close to the Chao Praya River with most other communities the full length of both sides of the river also expected to flood.

As of 4:45pm, Thammasat University was under about 25 centimeters, around 10 inches, but water is constantly rising, so it is expected to get worse.

Up until yesterday, evacuees from various already-flooded areas were staying in dorms at Thammasat. But, when it became obvious the university would probably be flooded, authorities evacuated people to safer flood shelters.

The Rangsit campus of Thammasat is a beautiful campus, with 34 dormitories, tennis courts, sports fields, gymnasiums, classroom buildings, a hospital, pre-school, banks, canteens, libraries and a post office and most of these are expected to end up under water.

The Rangsit campus serves more than 12,000 students; students that have been unable to continue their studies for over a week now and won’t be able to continue them, at least at the Rangsit campus, for a few weeks more.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Bangkok is ordering evacuations of 27 communities the length of the Chao Praya.

Flooding is expected to worsen through the night so, if you are anywhere near the Chao Praya, move your belongings to higher ground and yourself to a safer area.