The Best Computer Repair Guy Who Speaks English in Bangkok, Thailand

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You may have noticed Tasty Thailand hasn’t had any new posts in the last couple of days. That is because my air conditioning unit in my Bangkok apartment sprung a leak and completely soaked my laptop, making it impossible to turn it on.

That also meant I needed to find a computer repair guy in Bangkok who speaks English as my spoken Thai might be good for every day conversation but isn’t so great when it comes to technical conversations connected to my laptop. Luckily I found one. An awesome one. And now I am passing his name on to you.

First a few words of warning, though, before I tell you where to find the best computer repair guy who speaks English in Bangkok. And those words would be……..

Do NOT Take Your Computer or Laptop to be Repaired at Pantip Plaza.

Pantip Plaza is not a good place to take your computer to be repaired. In fact, while many westerners who live in or visit Thailand will tell you Pantip Plaza is the best place in Bangkok to take a computer for repairs, honestly, it’s not.

Not unless you want to be charged ‘tourist price’ for your laptop repair, and have to deal with sleazy repair technicians who try to sell you things you do not need.

The Best Place to Take your Computer for Repairs in Bangkok?

The best place to take your computer or laptop for repairs in Bangkok is where many of the Thais take theirs — Fortune Town IT Mall. It is not only often cheaper, with more professional repair people, but it is also far easier to get to than Pantip Plaza as it is located next to the Phra Ram 9 MRT underground train station.

So…..who is the best computer repair guy in Bangkok, and how do you find him?

The computer repair shop he owns is called ProCorner and is located on the third floor of Fortune Town IT Mall at shop number 3A15. You can easily find it on this Fortune Town IT Mall map. They are open every day except Sunday from 10am when the mall opens until 8pm.

You can also call ProCorner at Tel. 0 2642 0596-7.

Why am I recommending ProCorner to you?

That is easy. Not only did they come recommended by a Thai computer guy I know at Fortune Town IT Mall who really knows his stuff, but staff at ProCorner speak fluent English.

On top of that, they are also incredibly honest.

Case in point —  I dropped my laptop off at ProCorner on Saturday morning, nervous to find out if it was repairable and how much it would cost. Not only was I told all about my different options, they started off doing the cheapest one first.

But… gets better. As, even with the cheapest option, (dismantling the laptop, using a special solution to clean the motherboard and then drying it off and putting it back together again), I was told if that didn’t solve my problem and get my laptop working again they wouldn’t even charge me the 2,000 baht fee for the service, but instead would figure out how else it could be fixed.

Luckily for me, the 2,000 baht cleaning and drying worked and my laptop is back up and running. I also received such excellent service at ProCorner I will soon be taking two more computers in that I own that also sadly are no longer running.

With the level of excellent and inexpensive computer repair service ProCorner offers, why wouldn’t I? And why wouldn’t you?