The Nanglen Festival 2 in Khao Yai Promises Cool Music and Good Food

nanglen festival

Khao Yai’s Nanglen Festival 2 looks like a lot of fun

If you are looking for something fun to do in Khao Yai, Thailand this weekend, why not head to the second annual Nanglen Festival on Sunday, February 12th? It’s a local music festival that features a slew of Thai artists and, because of the way they sing, is actually quite unusual.

Never heard of the Nanglen Festival? Well, it may be a well kept secret outside of anyone who is Thai, but it is one that should definitely be spread far and wide as the Thai artists that will be performing there are excellent.

They also sing covers of popular songs, but in a way far different than how the song was released, which makes the day even more fun.

The Thai artists at Nanglen Festival 2 are The Parkinson, Atom, ModernDog, V Violette, Cocktail, Lula, Somkiat, Pop Pongkool, and Paradox.

This year’s Nanglen Festival will be held at The Ocean Khao Yai, which you will find on Thanarat Road.

Tickets are 1,500 baht, which you can buy either at AllTicket or at a 7-Eleven store.┬áThe concert kicks off at 4pm. You can also expect to have access to some great food and drink, and a really good night. Find more info on the festival’s Facebook page.

Meanwhile, check out the video below to get an idea of what you may hear. Nice, eh?