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The Otto Electric Pan SP 300A is Thailand’s Cheapest Cookware

Otto Electric Pan SP 300A


Living in Bangkok, Thailand, I don’t cook. There’s no need to. Not when there are food stalls close by where I can grab cheap and delicious food that’s already made from fresh ingredients. But recently I’ve wanted to cook scrambled eggs for breakfast or make some pasta occasionally and, without an electric pan, that was pretty much impossible. That’s why I just bought the Otto Electric Pan Model SP 300A and, let me tell you, it’s not only Thailand’s cheapest cookware, it’s definitely Thailand’s best cookware for the price.

The Otto Electric Pan SP 300A is normally cheap. The Otto Electric Pan I bought this week was even cheaper than usual, however, as it’s currently on sale at Tesco Lotus in Bangkok. Normally 500 baht (around $17.25), Tesco is selling the Otto Electric Pan SP 300A this week for just 399 baht¬† or $$13.75). Pretty cheap for an electric pan that boils, grills, roasts and fries.

It’s not only the cheap price I like about the Otto Electric Pan, though. It’s also the fact that it looks cute in my kitchen (it comes in either bright pink or fluorescent green), and that it’s small. That means it doesn’t take up half my counter space, which is hugely important when your kitchen is as small as mine is.

But being small doesn’t negate the pan from doing exactly what I want it to. It cooks enough food for at least two people, it cooks it perfectly and, during the half dozen or so times I’ve used it so far, absolutely nothing has stuck to its non-stick surface. Not surprisingly really, though, as Otto electrical products are known for their high quality.

All in all, if you’re in Thailand and looking for a small, cheap electric pan that will cook basic dishes in your home — and cook them well — you can’t do much better than the Otto Electric Pan Model SP 300A. Not for that cheap of a price. You’ll find it at Tesco Lotus,¬† Big C and online at Lazada.