Things on a Thai Coffee Stall — Daily Photo

coffee street stall bangkok thailand


Whenever I’m out and about in Bangkok, I always have my camera close at hand. Lately, I’ve been getting some amazing shots of interesting things all over Bangkok and, while they may not be needed for articles I’m writing, I thought they’d be a wonderful addition to Tasty Thailand, so you can see first-hand all those ordinary every day things in Bangkok that really are beautiful.

So, I’m kicking off a new Tasty Thailand daily feature – the daily photo. Every day, I’ll upload a photograph of something I’ve seen in Bangkok. It might be a boring every day place that, when given a unique Thai twist, ends up looking lovely, bizarre or interesting.

Or, it may be like today — things on a Thai coffee stall — ordinary objects I found interesting while I was standing on the street in northern Bangkok waiting for my coffee — jars of instant coffee and chocolate Ovaltine, cans of evaporated milk, and bottles of sweet fruity syrups. Aren’t they just so pretty?