Three Thai Companies Approved for 3G Auction – AIS, DTAC and True

AIS logo for 3G, which will hopefully be auctioned off next week


As Thailand continues its pathetic move towards 3G communications, much of the rest of the world already has 4G. What’s been holding up a 3G network in Thailand is the constant bickering between telecommunications companies who want to be the main ones to provide it, and the constant law suits from various parties that have pushed off 3G implementation for years Finally, though, three companies have qualified for the 3G license auction to take place next week – AIS, DTAC and True Corp (Real Future).

According to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) today, the auction will take place on Tuesday, October 16th when they will auction off the 2100 megahertz bandwidth for use with 3G technology. Nine slots will be auctioned with an opening bid of 4.5 billion baht (around $146.3 million) per slot.

While this is definitely good news, unfortunately there’s been yet another legal challenge to the 3G auction this week by a pro-consumer group who say the auction should be stopped as it’s not going to benefit enough Thais.

Many Thais are now holding their breath to see if this lawsuit will be accepted by Thailand’s Supreme Court or if the country will finally get its long-awaited 3G network. All we can say is this constant waiting sure as heck “isn’t benefiting enough Thais”. Just do it already.