Three Cheap Thai Restaurant Chains Worth Eating At

This Chester’s Grill restaurant is at the new Chang Wattana immigration office building in Bangkok


Most of the time, I try not to eat at chain restaurants instead preferring independent restaurants. But….Thailand has some excellent Thai chain restaurants serving cheap, authentic Thai food in nice surroundings.

Black Canyon Coffee – Black Canyon Coffee is a popular Thai chain restaurant with both Thais and westerners as they serve an extensive Thai menu as well as western food like sandwiches, fried chicken, french fries, spaghetti etc.  There are Black Canyon Coffee restaurants all over Thailand and, like their name suggests, they also serve a huge selection of coffee, tea and fruit juice drinks so they’re fabulous for a meal or a quick drink and a snack. In fact, Black Canyon Coffee is doing so well they’re even opening restaurants overseas. 
Chester’s Grill – If you like chicken and rice in various styles, or just fried chicken, french fries, spaghetti or quick chicken burgers, you’ll enjoy eating at Chester’s Grill. They’re cheap, have great sets (try the chicken and rice with a side of french fries and a coke for less than $3), and most branches also have Chester’s coffee shops attached selling lattes, espressos, green tea drinks and cakes and ice cream.

Fuji – Although a lot of people think Fuji is a Japanese-owned chain restaurant, it’s actually Thai-owned and operated. Fuji is the most popular Japanese cuisine chain in Thailand and it’s no wonder. Food is fresh, portions are huge, and when you can get a massive bento box with sushi, sashimi, and tons of other things for only $6.25, you’ll understand why lines are so long for every Fuji restaurant in Thailand.