Top Movie Theaters in Bangkok, Thailand – Best Cinemas to See a Good Film


When Americans go to movie theaters in Bangkok, they’re usually shocked at what a first-class experience going to the movies in Bangkok is. Unlike many U.S. movie theaters with bad sound systems, grainy screens, uncomfortable seats and expensive ticket prices, Bangkok’s cinemas are first-class all the way. With stadium seats that you’re able to reserve before you go for no extra cost, clear surround sound, enormous screens, wide aisles so more leg room and cheap drinks and snacks, every movie theater in Bangkok is a joy to go to.

Some movie theaters in Bangkok though are even better than others so if you want the best movie going experience you’ve ever had, choose one of these best Bangkok movie theaters. You’ll really love it.

Siam Paragon – Siam Paragon is the relatively new, huge luxury mall in downtown Bangkok. It’s also home to an absolutely monster cinema with 15 large size screens, an IMAX theater, and also the largest movie theater in south east Asia. If you want to see a Hollywood movie with perfect surround sound on an enormous screen and sitting in one of the most comfortable reclining movie theater seats you’ve ever experienced, don’t miss Siam Paragon. The movie theaters are operated by Major Cineplex, one of the biggest movie theater companies in Thailand.

Tickets here are more expensive than at other Bangkok movie theaters starting at 120 baht (about $3.50) and going up to 160 baht ($4.55) for special screenings. I’ve seen a couple of the Harry Potter movies here, and it really was an amazing experience.

Central World Plaza – Now the largest mall in south east Asia, and incredibly luxurious, it’s also the home to SF World Cinema. There are 15 enormous screens, an 800 seat theatre and several first-class theatres, where you pay a higher fee to relax in a comfortable reclining armchair with pillows, blankets and socks, free drinks and snacks and more. The Bangkok International Film Festival also shows movies here, so if you’re in town when it’s on don’t miss it.

What’s great about seeing a movie at Central World Plaza too is the mall has hundreds of restaurants and cafes, so you can have a fantastic dinner first and then go and relax with a fun movie in a world-class movie theater. Tickets are between 100 baht ($3) and $160 baht ($4.55) depending on time of day and special screenings.

Emporium Mall – An older but still nice Bangkok movie theater is at Emporium Mall. SFX Movie Theater has only 5 screens, but it’s probably the cleanest movie theater I’ve ever seen anywhere with everything shiny and squeaky clean. One thing I love about SFX Movie Theater at Emporium though is the cool little cafe they’ve opened in the lobby of the theater as well as the comfort of the seats. SFX chose ergonomically perfect chairs and, seriously, trying not to fall asleep they’re so comfy can be a big challenge here. SFX also has cheap snacks and drinks and their staff is friendly too.

Central Ladprao – I’m probably biased because this is my local movie theater only five minutes from my house, but I think Central Ladprao is one of the nicest movie theaters in Bangkok. Run by SFX Cinemas, there are 9 screens showing first run Hollywood movies as well as Thai, Korean and Japanese movies. There are also two first class movie theaters with the usual blankets, pillows, free snacks etc. Tickets start at 100 baht ($3) for certain shows on certain days, with the average price being 120 baht ($3.50) for most shows.

What I love about Central Ladprao SFX movie theaters is you get a free fridge magnet with the movie you’re going to see printed on its face – collectors items in Thailand.

Pretty much every movie theater in Bangkok is excellent and with more than 300 screens in the city, there are tons of choices. Just remember, if you do see a movie in Bangkok, make sure you choose the ones that have English soundtrack and Thai subtitles and not Thai soundtrack or you’ll really have a problem understanding it.