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UK Reviewing Military Ties With Thailand After US Cancels Military Funding

Thai soldiers protecting Abhisit at a Bangkok military base he fled to in March, 2010


On Monday, a UK Foreign Office spokesman announced the UK is reviewing its military ties with Thailand after an illegal military coup in the country kicked out yet another democratically elected government. This comes after the United States has cancelled all military ties with Thailand, and stopped all US government funding to the Thai military as a direct result of the country’s 12th military coup.

The United States is also considering additional sanctions against Thailand, including the cutting of all foreign aid, until the country is returned to democratic rule.

Meanwhile, the UK’s Foreign Office spokesperson said Britain is reviewing its military ties and has currently canceled military trips between the two countries as a first step.

Let’s just say, Thailand’s new military coup government already had no legitimacy within the country when it took power last week. As many countries around the world are now stating, it has absolutely no legitimacy with the rest of the world either.

Expect to see Thailand’s economy plummet even further, with Moody’s now reporting they expect negative growth for Thailand in 2014 as a result.

Add in a possible civil war in the future, as anti-coup protests in Bangkok and Chiang Mai continue to increase in size and strength, and things aren’t looking too rosy for this illegal military junta or the country they now forcibly control.