United Butterscotch Candy: Thailand’s Best and Cheapest Sweets

I love butterscotch candy. Growing up in the UK, I used to eat it all the time so, when I moved to Thailand ten years ago, I was ecstatic to see it being sold here as well. The Thai brand, United Butterscotch Candy is just about the most delicious candy sweet in Thailand and, at the low price a bag sells for all over the country, it’s the cheapest deal on delicious candy you’ll ever find in the Land of Smiles.

So, what is so special about United Butterscotch Candy? First of all, it’s delicious — sweet, buttery, hard and crunchy, a United Butterscotch Candy slowly melts in your mouth as you suck it, coating your taste buds with a rich buttery flavor. To me it has a similar taste to Werther’s butterscotch candies, while other English friends have said it tastes like Callard and Bowser’s to them.

One bag of the candy also comes with 50 pieces, which means it will last the average person three or four days, even if they eat a big handful every day. For me, however, a bag of United Butterscotch Candy lasts about six days as I ration my intake a little as I could easily eat the whole bag. They really are that good.

I usually eat 4 pieces of candy after lunch and dinner every day, which also gives me my sugar fix without loading on the calories a typical dessert might have. Each piece only has 20 calories, so they’re great for a low-fat snack.

Now, let’s get to the price.

A 4.9oz bag of United Butterscotch Candy is currently selling on EBay in the US for $4.95. So how much is the same bag in Thailand?

I just picked up two more bags at Tesco Lotus this morning and they were 23 baht each. That’s 75 cents. A far cry from the almost $5 American sellers are charging for them.

As for where you can find them — Tesco Lotus usually stocks them, but I’ve also seen them at Tops, Big C and a variety of candy shops around Bangkok. You can also pick them up at many large supermarkets outside the Thai capital.

Don’t forget while you’re out to also check out the other amazing products Thailand’s United Foods sells — I can highly recommend the Gap chocolate sticks (dip them in hot coffee, yum!), the Yoyo jelly gummies of any flavor, and the Toro candied popcorn. I’m salivating just thinking about them.

For more information about United Foods products, their website is excellent.