United Food’s ‘YoYo” Gelatin Candy Snack Now in Cola Flavor


Not sure if I just haven’t checked the candy aisle for a while at my local Bangkok supermarket, but yesterday I stumbled across a new flavor of “YoYo” gelatin candy. YoYo is the Thai candy put out by United Foods, and usually comes in fruit flavors. This time though, their new flavor is Cola — and it’s incredibly yummy.

Only 20 baht (66 cents) for an 80gram bag, I bought one just to try them, but will be going back tomorrow to pick up a couple more bags (yes, I’ve already eaten the first one — there’s about 16 pieces in the bag).

The Cola flavor is the usual YoYo gelatin candy, which is a cross between gummy bears and a softer jelly, but where the normal flavors are sweeter this, being Cola, has a bit of a tangy taste. It’s nice. Very nice.

I usually put my YoYo candy in the fridge, as I prefer a harder jelly, but if you like it softer just keep in the cupboard and eat at will.

You can pick up YoYo Cola gelatin candy snacks at most Thai supermarkets and some convenience stores. Or, if you’re outside Thailand, ThaiPants on EBay sells them. Their EBay store is currently closed due to Bangkok’s floods, but should reopen by November 30th, so check them out.