US Embassy Closed in Bangkok, Thailand Due to Anti-American Muslim Protests


If you are planning to visit the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, today is not the day. Bangkok’s US Embassy will be closed from noon for the remainder of the day due to an anti-American protest by Muslim protesters who are angry about an anti-Islam video, “Innocence of Muslims”, created in America and posted on YouTube. The video called the prophet Mohammed a pedophile and a philanderer.

Muslim protests at American embassies and consulates have been taking place around the world in the last few days since the video was released. That they have now spread to Bangkok, a capital city where Muslim protests rarely occur, shows how serious this issue has now become.

Unfortunately, the United States has still not arrested the person responsible for creating the video, an amateur filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula who lives in California. Surprising really, as this unsavory character has already been found guilty of possessing drugs used to make methamphetamine and bank fraud and is currently on probation after serving a two-year jail sentence. What does it take for justice to be done in America, or does it not matter to Americans as long as Muslims are the innocent targets?

If you want to join the protest against the creation and release of the American-made video, the demonstration outside Bangkok’s US Embassy will start at 1pm. Several hundred people are expected to be involved.