US Embassy Still Says Thailand Terrorist Target and Americans Should Be Careful



After all the accusations coming from Thailand’s government saying the US embassy in Bangkok has “damaged Thailand’s tourism industry, since it warned of possible terrorist attacks in Bangkok last week, the US embassy has refused to back down.

The warning of possible terrorist attacks is still on the embassy website today, and officials at the Bangkok embassy itself say they still feel Thailand is a possible terrorist target. That’s why it’s continuing to warn its citizens. Regardless what the Thai government says.

The Thai government meanwhile continues to insist Thailand, and particularly Bangkok, is “safe” and is telling tourists not to worry.

Unfortunately, because of Thailand’s past history (it rarely warns its citizens of possible attacks, as it doesn’t want to “cause panic” so prefers to leave them in the dark), many people don’t believe what the Thai government is saying. The Nation even wrote an editorial about it yesterday.

As for me, I’m not a particular fan of the US government or the US embassy, by any stretch of the imagination, as they do seem to be more paranoid than most, but if it comes to choosing who to believe about a possible terrorist threat, I’d pick them a million times over before I’d believe what any Thai government official says is true.

After all, most of them are famous for their lies, as well as their complete ineptitude in the most mundane things. So if they expect us to believe a) things are safe and b) they’ve already stopped a potential attack — yeah, sorry. Don’t believe you.