V-Fit, Young Rice Milk: Delicious Alternative to Soy and Perfect for Coffee

v-fit rice milk thailand
Original recipe and low-sugar V-Fit rice milk I bought today — thought I’d add a little elephant seeing as how we’re in Thailand!


If you’ve been reading Tasty Thailand over the last couple of weeks, you’ve probably figured out I’m in the process of changing to a healthier vegan diet.

A vegan diet, of course, includes no longer drinking milk but using UFC Homesoy milk or rice milk instead. Soy milk I love to drink by itself, on cereal or in cooking but I’m not a huge fan of it in coffee. That is where V-Fit, Young Rice Milk comes in. Not only is V-Fit, Young Rice Milk a delicious drink by itself, it tastes wonderful in coffee as well.

Rice milk is quite popular in Thailand, although not as popular as soy milk. Older Thais believe rice milk is good for the brain, great for your health and will give you long life. Don’t know if that’s true, but I do love the taste.

You can buy various brands of rice milk in Thailand’s many supermarkets, as well as pick it up fresh at thousands of local fresh markets across the country. In the last few days, I’ve tried a few brands of store-bought rice milk in Bangkok, but V-Fit, Young Rice Milk has already become my favorite.

TheĀ V-Fit brand of rice milk is all made from organic rice. So, whether you buy the Original V-Fit, Young Rice Milk, or the Low-Sugar V-Fit, Young Rice Milk, you’ll get the same organic rice.

A quarter of a carton (just over one cup) of the original recipe is 150 calories. The low-sugar recipe comes in at 120 calories, so slightly less. The same amount of the skim milk I used to drink would come in at around 100 calories, so the low-sugar recipe is slightly more and the original recipe has half as many calories again. I’ve gotten around that, though, by just adding a splash less rice milk to my coffee to end up with the same number of calories I’ve always drunk.

Price-wise, the V-Fit brand of rice milk is inexpensive as well. For a 1,000 ml carton, I paid just 43 baht ($1.45). When I compared it to the low-fat carton of milk I used to buy, it was actually 3 baht cheaper (around 10 cents) for the exact same amount.

Rice milk in coffee, of course, isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk or even milk made from hemp. If you, however, have tried the usual non-dairy milks and can’t find one that tastes just right in your morning coffee, why not try V-Fit, Young Rice Milk. You may be pleasantly surprised.

And by the way, when you first open the pack of rice milk, take a deep breath as it smells lovely too.