Visit Bangkok’s Rose Garden – Beautiful Flowers, Great Restaurant, Fun Cultural Show

Cultural show at the Rose Garden - fascinating show


One of Bangkok’s biggest tourist attractions for Thais and foreigners is the Rose Garden. Actually located in Nakhon Phatom province, it’s an hour’s drive from Bangkok so Thais consider it a Bangkok attraction. The Rose Garden is a fabulous place for a day trip as it’s culture, shopping, lunch and a show all rolled into one.

If you’re going to be in Bangkok and looking for a fun place to visit you can’t go wrong with the Rose Garden. If you live in Bangkok and want to find a Bangkok attraction for visiting friends or relatives, the Rose Garden is the place to take them as there’s something for everyone.

See the Flora and Fauna of the Rose Garden – For most visitors to Bangkok’s Rose Garden, the first thing they do when they get there is to see the incredible flowers, trees and herbs the Rose Garden has to offer. On over 70 acres of land, it’s one of the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever seen in Bangkok. I took my parents there the last time they were in town and they couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. A true oasis away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

Plus, not only does it have gorgeous roses, lilies, and trees that are over a hundred years old, you can also see water buffalo, elephants and antique Thai houses transplanted from their original place to these incredible gardens.

Restaurants at the Rose Garden – Another reason many Thais especially go to the Rose Garden is for the international buffet at one of the Rose Garden restaurants, Rim Nam 1. Last time I was there with my parents, we actually took a tour to it so the buffet was included in the price of the tour.

But, you can go individually and with specials being offered quite frequently, you can eat excellent international food to your heart’s content. Spaghetti, pasta, sushi, Thai dishes, Chinese food, even Vietnamese food, there’s a wonderful choice of dishes and, of course, don’t miss the desserts. Absolutely delicious. The downside is the restaurant has a bit of a dining hall feel to it, but if you concentrate on the food, you shouldn’t be disappointed. There are five other restaurants serving Thai, Japanese and International cuisine, so if you’re not interested in the buffet it’s still possible to get a lighter meal.

The Craft Village at the Rose Garden – The Rose Garden is also a nice place to buy traditional Thai crafts. There’s a cute little ‘craft village’ with tiny shops selling wood carvings, handmade Thai silk, jewelry, and many other Thai handicrafts. Here, also, is where you can feed an elephant or even take a ride on an elephant, if you’re so inclined. (I recommend it as it’s fun, but don’t expect the ride to be comfortable!)

Traditional Thai Show – One of the best things about the Rose Garden is the traditional Thai show. It’s held several times a day and runs for about 40 minutes. The show showcases Thai traditions, Thai dance, has a short Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing) match, and even has a traditional Thai wedding ceremony with a village parade and offerings to the bride and groom. My parents especially loved this, as they know very little about Thai culture, and my mother, I think, would have been very happy to sit through the show again.

The Rose Garden really is one of the best destinations in Bangkok for visitors and residents alike, particularly if you love beautiful surroundings and Thai culture. Kids love it too as there’s buffalo, elephants, a fun show and even shopping – and don’t forget the delicious food. The Rose Garden is located off Pet Khasem Road in Nakhon Pathom.


Photo – Part of the Thai culture show at the Rose Garden in Bangkok.