Watch Thai Muslim movie ‘Ruk Na, Soup Soup’ trailer, one of few Muslim movies filmed in Thailand

Sasanee Weerachat as Minnie in ‘Ruk Na, Soup Soup

If you enjoy Thai movies, and who doesn’t, a quite unusual one will be releasing at the end of July. That film is a Thai Muslim movie called ‘Ruk Na, Soup Soup’ and, from the just released official trailer (watch below), the movie looks cute and funny.

It is also one of the few Thai Muslim movies ever to be filmed Thailand — a country that is predominantly Buddhist, and where Muslims are often ignored when it comes to mainstream entertainment.

Ruk Na, Soup Soup‘ is a romantic comedy about a woman called Minnie (played by Sasanee Weerachat) who goes to work at an upscale restaurant in the south of Thailand.

The restaurant has one Muslim Star but, after she creates a dish that angers a guest, the restaurant loses that star.

Minnie must now work hard creating new dishes in order to get the restaurant’s star back, while at the same time finding herself falling in love with the young restaurant owner.

‘Ruk Na, Soup Soup‘ is set in Thailand’s Deep South and filmed in the provinces of Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala, three of the country’s majority Muslim areas.

It was directed by a Muslim director, Kriengkrai Monwichit and stars several Thai Muslim actors.


‘Kem’ Hussawee Pakrapongpisan

The film was made not only as a romantic comedy that would hopefully delight viewers, but also as a way for the director, actors and everyone involved in the film to show just how beautiful Thailand’s Deep South is and how it is not violent or dangerous as so many believe.

Ruk Na, Soup Soup‘ will release in Thai movie theaters on July 30th. It stars Sasanee Weerachat, Pitisak Yaowananon, ‘Nook’ Suttida Kasemsant and ‘Kem’ Hussawee Pakrapongpisan.

Watch the official trailer for the film, subtitled in Thai, below.

Hopefully an English subtitled version of the film will be releasing soon.