We Love Bangkok’s 7-Eleven’s – So Cheap and With Thousands of Delicious Things

We’ve always been fans of 7-Eleven’s but no more so than in Bangkok, which has just about the world’s best 7-Eleven’s. On half of the streets in Bangkok (there are three within a block of where we live), they’re open 24 hours, sell tons of snacky stuff, quick meals and drinks and the bigger ones even sell things like vitamins, books and beauty products.

You can stop in any 7-Eleven in Bangkok with just a few baht and come out with a meal, a snack, a drink and often dessert too.

Today, we went on one of our quick trips to the 7-Eleven. Spending only 184 baht ($6.15), here’s what we came home with. It even included three tuna sandwiches, a yoghurt and a tasty breakfast pastry.