What Does a Typical Thai Buddhist Wedding Ceremony Look Like?

What does a typical Thai Buddhist wedding ceremony look like?

If you have been invited to a wedding in Thailand, chances are it will be Buddhist. With 95 percent of the country practicing Buddhists, most weddings have Thai Buddhist wedding ceremonies, which are really quite beautiful. If you plan on getting married in Thailand, you will not get a Buddhist wedding ceremony unless you are actually Buddhist — but you will experience something quite similar, minus the many monks.

If you are interested to see what a typical Thai Buddhist wedding ceremony looks like, this video will give you some idea. Created by Mug Wedding, a videography company in Bangkok, this is the wedding of Aey and Poh.

Thai engagement and wedding ceremonies are usually on the same day

The video features the engagement ceremony and the wedding ceremony, which were filmed on the same day.  That’s because, in Thailand, most traditional weddings have the engagement ceremony first, followed almost immediately after by the wedding itself.

Aey and Poh’s wedding looks quite traditional all around, and very, very beautiful.

By the way, the happy couple are actually Khun Aey Pornthip & Khun Poh Natthawut and they are both famous in Thailand. Aey Pornthip is a celebrity model and Poh Natthawut is an actor and a singer.

Don’t forget too, if you want a videographer at your Bangkok or Chiang Mai wedding just like Aey and Poh, call Mug Wedding. They do a really gorgeous job.

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