What is Hua Hin, Thailand Like? This Famous Beach Resort Has Everything (Video)

Hua Hin, Thailand is one of the most popular beach resorts in the country. Just a small town about a two and a half hour drive, it is one of the most visited places for older European tourists as well as for relatively affluent Thais.  For many holidaymakers who are thinking of visiting Hua Hin, the first question they usually ask is “What is Hua Hin like?”

Of course, a quick answer to a question like that isn’t possible as what Hua Hin is like differs from person to person and by what they decide to do there.

I can tell you though, Hua Hin is calm, relaxing, and laid back.

It is also a wonderful place for a quiet holiday spent laying around on the beach, sipping coffee in cool coffee shops or enjoying food at one of the town’s many superb restaurants.

And, of course, if you enjoy shopping, the small boutiques scattered all over town, Hua Hin’s Night Market and various other shopping centers will definitely provide as much of that as you want to do.

For more of an idea of what Hua Hin is really like, spend a few minutes watching this excellent video from Thai singer Art Thomya.

He gives you a first-hand look at much of what Hua Hin has to offer, as well as shows you eight places in the town you must visit including Hua Hin beach, The Railway Hotel, Chatchai Market, the art market Cicada Market and Khao Takieb (also known as Monkey Mountai or Chopsticks Mountain).