What to Do on a Weekend Trip to Bangkok, Thailand (Video)


what to do on weekend trip to bangkok thailand


What to do on a weekend trip to Bangkok

If you’re not sure what to do on a weekend trip to Bangkok, Thailand this New York Times video will give you some excellent ideas. After all, two days in Bangkok isn’t very much time at all, so you want to cram in as many things as possible while you’re here.

In the video, you’ll see suggestions of what to do on a weekend trip to Bangkok that include things like having a massage, taking an evening cruise on the Chao Praya River, enjoying a decadent afternoon tea at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel and shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market (the New York Times video calls it “Chatuchak Flea Market” but that is not its name).

Avoid Khao San Road

The only one of their suggestions I wouldn’t really agree with is enjoying the Khao San Road nightlife, not unless you’re a backpacker that is.

Khao San Road is full of western backpackers, is definitely a dodgy area of town (if you’re going to be ripped off or pickpocketed, it’s highly likely to be here) and it’s not an area most Thais would ever visit for the nightlife.

In fact, if you want to enjoy Bangkok’s amazing nightlife, you’re far better heading to the Sukhumvit or Silom areas of town, as that’s where most of the action is and where you’ll find a great mix of native Thais and foreign visitors.

Other than the Khao San Road suggestion, however, the video is excellent. Watch it below.