What You Should Do If You Get Food Poisoning in Thailand

Thai dessert is wonderful but, just like any food, it can sometimes make you sick

Just like in any country in the world, it is possible to get food poisoning in Thailand.

While not the land of danger some travelers will have you believe, you can get food poisoning here. Like anywhere if not treated correctly, in extreme cases, it is possible to die from it.

If you are unfortunate to get food poisoning while on a trip to Thailand, take heart. Follow these quick tips and you will feel better in no time.

Drink Water – When you get food poisoning in Thailand, the first thing you need to do is drink water. If you are having problems keeping anything down, don’t take huge mouthfuls, just keep sipping but do it all the time.

Thailand is one of the hottest countries in the world, so you do not want to get dehydrated. Drinking water will keep you hydrated and will help flush the bacteria out of your body faster.

Oreda rehydration salts are cheap and available at any pharmacy in Thailand

Get Rehydration Salts If Not Hydrating Correctly – The next thing you should do if you get food poisoning in Thailand is take some rehydration salts if you are having problems staying hydrated.

You can buy these very cheaply (10 baht or 30 cents) at any pharmacy, and they will give you the necessary salts and sugars your body may be lacking.

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It is particularly important for children with food poisoning to take these, as they can get sick fast and can die if not hydrated. You can also make your own rehydration liquid, by simply mixing salt, sugar and water together and sipping throughout the day.

Buy an Anti-diarrhea Medication – If you are having problems with diarrhea as a result of food poisoning, you can reduce the symptoms by taking an anti-diarrhea medication.

In Thailand, medication is extremely cheap with an anti-diarrhea medication at most pharmacies being around 20 baht (65 cents) for a packet of 6-8 pills. Any pharmacy carries them and they are available over-the-counter.

Siang Pure Balm is excellent for nausea and is available at many Thai pharmacies

Visit the Pharmacist If Problems Persist – If you are still having symptoms after 24 hours, a quick visit to a pharmacist can solve most of your problems as long as they are not too severe.

Most  pharmacists in Thailand speak enough English to be able to give you medication for nausea, gas, stomach cramps and diarrhea. And, as mentioned before, with medications being as cheap as 20 baht (65 cents) it won’t break the bank.

If Severe Symptoms, See a Doctor
– If you have extremely severe symptoms from food poisoning, do not delay, see a doctor immediately.

A high fever, severe nausea and vomiting and constant diarrhea can be a sign of particularly bad food poisoning and, if not treated, it can kill you.

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Medical care in Thailand is excellent in most areas,. In many places in fact, it’s better (and cheaper) than in the west. At most hospitals and clinics, you will also find doctors and nursing staff who speak English.

Getting food poisoning in Thailand isn’t that likely (I’ve lived in Bangkok for 17 years, and only had it once) but it can happen. If it does happen to you, follow these quick anti-food poisoning tips, and you should be feeling better in no time.