What’s the Price of an iPhone 5 in Bangkok, Thailand?



If you’re one of those people desperate to buy an iPhone 5 in Bangkok, Thailand and want to know what the price is going to be, your waiting days are over (well, almost, at least as far as True Move goes). But, you might want to lie down as the prices for an iPhone 5 in Bangkok, it seems, are going to be ridiculously high.

I just found this on the True Move website, which is offering customers a ‘pre-booking’ option for the new iPhone 5 if you want to go through True Move. Or you can just buy the phone through True and get your phone service with another company.

Most of their website is in Thai, as usual, but what this says is:

An iPhone 5 with no contract will cost – 24,550 baht for a 16GB, 28,250 for a 32GB and 31,950 for 64GB (in US dollars – $792, $912 and $1,030)

An iPhone 5 with contract will cost – 23,677 for a 16GB, 27,283 for 32GB and 30,807 for 64GB. (In US dollars, $765, $882 and $1,010).

Other phone companies are likely to be the same.

Needless to say, if you have an option of buying an Apple iPhone in the US instead of here in Thailand, buy it. Prices in America are far lower and you can get the phone unlocked when you get it to Thailand at any stall at MBK or Fortune Town Mall.