Where is Thailand? No, Seriously. Where Is the Country Located?

As I have lived in Thailand for years, I just always automatically assume people know where it is.

In fact, though, if you look at some of Google’s top searches, the term “Where is Thailand?” comes up a lot, so obviously there are millions of people in the world who have no idea where the country of Thailand is actually located.

So, here is a quick geography lesson:

Thailand is located on the vast continent of Asia, well South-East Asia to be more precise, in what is known as the Indochina Peninsula.

We are located right above Malaysia (which is itself right above Singapore), next door to Cambodia to the east, Laos to the north east and Myanmar (Burma) to the west.

Vietnam is one country over, next to Laos but also shares a maritime border with Thailand.

The Gulf of Thailand is south or east of the country, depending where in Thailand you are located, and it is massive. The Andaman Sea is to the west.

When the Asian Indian Ocean Tsunami hit Thailand back in 2004, it hit on the Andaman Sea side of the country, so those located in the Gulf of Thailand were completely safe.

As far as amount of land goes, Thailand is the 51st biggest country in the world with a land mass of 513,000 km2 (198,000 sq mi), or just slightly larger than Spain.

And yes, we have it all — oceans, beaches, mountains, jungles, rice paddies, — you name it, Thailand has just about any kind of geographical feature you could ever be interested in visiting.

So, the next time someone asks you “Where is Thailand?”, “Where is Thailand located?” or even “What Countries Border Thailand?”, now you can tell them.

Easy, right?