Where is the Canadian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand?

Canadian Embassy Bangkok


A regular Tasty Thailand reader contacted me recently to ask “Where is the Canadian Embassy in Bangkok?” Having been to half the embassies in Bangkok over the last 12 years for various visa applications, and having passed others on my way, I am pretty clued in to where most of the foreign embassies are in Bangkok, including Canada’s.

But, on a cursory search of YouTube before I gave him directions, just to see if anyone had uploaded a video that would make his trip even easier, I found this. A video called “Where in Bangkok is the Canadian Embassy?”, and one which shows exactly how to get there right from taking the BTS Skytrain or MRT underground to the correct stations, to arriving at Bangkok’s Canadian Embassy itself on the 15th floor of the¬†Abdulrahim Place building.

So, if you need to make a quick trip to Canada’s Embassy in Bangkok the next time you’re in town, watch this 4-minute video and you’ll soon figure out how.

As for contact information on the Canadian Embassy in Bangkok, as well as their daily times of operation and holiday information, their website has all that.