Where to Buy Art Supplies in Bangkok, Thailand

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As an artist who lives in Thailand, I get e-mails from people all over the world asking “Where’s the best place in Bangkok to buy art supplies?” Thailand is quite cheap for art supplies, so many artists want to buy supplies while they’re in Bangkok, but they’re not quite sure where to go. There are many places in Bangkok to buy art supplies from art supply shops to shopping malls to markets, but here are what I think are the best places for art paper, paint brushes, paint, easels and more.

Siam Paragon Department Store – There’s one of the largest shopping malls in South East Asia, right next to the Siam sky train station. Siam Paragon is the name of the mall, but it also has an anchor department store called ‘Paragon’. Here, you will find a huge art supplies department selling everything from paper, paint, paintbrushes and easels to specialist Japanese calligraphy supplies, Thai flower stencils, inks, pastels and chalk. Paragon has everything. Prices are slightly higher than at other places but if you’re looking for an easy place in Bangkok to buy art supplies, this is the place. Paragon department store is on every floor of the mall, but the art supply department is on the 3rd Floor.

B2S – B2S is a chain bookshop/stationary/music and art supplies store that is in most of the Central Department stores in Bangkok. B2S has a good selection of art supplies, including pastels, acrylics, oils, gouach, canvases, paintbrushes, art paper and more. They will also order from their other stores if they don’t have what you want in stock.

Silpakorn University – Silpakorn University is the top fine arts and architecture university in Thailand. Near the Silpakorn University campus (in the Grand Palace area of Bangkok) there are many art supplies stores, all cheap because they’re catering to students whose finances are limited. There’s also an art supplies store inside the university itself which anyone can shop at.

Siam Square Area – Siam Square is near Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok so, again, there are several art supplies stores with reasonable prices. Siam Square is easy to get to as it’s next to the Siam sky train station. Chulalongkorn also has a book shop that sells limited art supplies and it’s easily accessible off the back street of Siam Square (near the end that’s nearest to MBK Mall).

Nanapun – Near to Thammasat University, around the Democracy Monument area, Nanapun is an independent art supply shop at 102 Maharat Road (sometimes also spelled Maharaj Rd.) Prices are great and the selection is excellent. The people who work in the shop are helpful and did speak limited English so could answer some of my questions.

Overall, I have found art supplies are usually cheaper in Bangkok than they are in the US. I’ve also always managed to find everything I’ve needed so most people will find it quite easy to get all their art supply needs met in Bangkok.