Where to Buy Computer Monitors Cheaply in Bangkok, Thailand


As luck would have it, one of our computer monitors went kaput the other day so, this weekend, our first task was to buy a new one.  In Bangkok, Thailand, as far as we’re concerned, there’s only one place to buy computer monitors (and computers and peripherals) and that’s Fortune Town Mall at Phra Ram 9 underground train station. So, early this morning, we set off to Fortune Town to pick up a new monitor and a few other nice extras.

If you’re looking for a computer monitor in Bangkok, Fortune Town Mall has just about every brand available in Thailand, at prices as cheap as Pantip Plaza and with far nicer staff in all the stores there.

We looked around for a few minutes, priced a few monitors and narrowed our choices down quickly to a new Acer monitor or a Samsung. Prices at most of the smaller shops were around the same, with second hand monitors around 1,000 baht ($30) cheaper. But, as we’d already had problems with our last monitor, we didn’t want to take the chance with a second-hand model and went new all the way.

Our last stop was our usual place, IT City. A large IT chain store, IT City has the same prices as most other places with a few extra deals and promotions, but they’re a massive store so have everything all in one place. They were selling the Acer and Samsung models we like and we’d just about decided on a Samsung when a row of BenQ monitors grabbed our attention.

BenQ, just in case you’re not aware, is a Taiwanese company that’s popular for computer monitors in Thailand. We haven’t owned a BenQ before, but thought it worth a look before we made a final decision.

BenQ has the same styles and monitor sizes than Acer and Samsung, but most of them were slightly cheaper. Then the salesman helping us showed us this week’s BenQ promotion, and we were completely sold. Only 2,790 baht ($93), as oppose to the similar Acer and Samsung models, which were running around 3,390 baht (an extra $20), the low-end BenQ model we ended up with has a wonderfully adjustable monitor base, so you can easily tip it up, down, on the level, lower it, higher it — however is most comfortable for you to see the screen.

But, the piece de resistance was just how beautiful movies looked on the BenQ. Sharp, vibrant and brightly colored. For $93 this monitor is a steal.

We paid our money, we got it home, plugged it in and fired it up. And it is gorgeous. For less than $100, who knew this BenQ monitor would be prettier than our old Acer. In fact, we love it so much we’ll likely buy another one. You can’t beat the price.

The BenQ model we ended up with was a BenQ GL930 model. It’s an 18.5″ LED widescreen and it’s simply lovely, lovely, lovely. In fact, we can’t believe how much prettier everything looks on it – including Tasty Thailand.

Our experience with the BenQ monitor at Fortune Town Mall has always been the same experience when we shop there.  Affordable products, a huge amount of choices, and pleasant, friendly staff. That’s why we always recommend Fortune Town for buying computer monitors or any other IT equipment. It’s the best place in Bangkok.