Where to Buy Organic and Pesticide-Free Fruit and Vegetables in Bangkok, Thailand


Only a few years ago, finding organic and pesticide-free produce in Bangkok, Thailand wasn’t easy. Not anymore. With many supermarkets and stores stocking organic and pesticide-free fruit and veggies, it’s easier than ever to eat healthy and not overload your body with chemicals and pesticides. While there are many stores to buy organic and pesticide-free produce in Bangkok, some are better than others. If you’re a true organic foods lover then check out these Bangkok organic produce shops – and don’t be surprised if the prices are cheaper than what you’re used to paying in the west.

Lemon Farm – The best known health food co-operative in Thailand is Lemon Farm. Established in 1999, it’s been helping small farmers in rural Thai communities grow and sell organic produce at competitive prices, yet still make a fair profit for the farmers. Lemon Farm buys fruit and vegetables from companies that are certified organic and pesticide-free and sells environmentally-friendly produce, at pretty fair prices. Lemon Farm also sells packaged organic and pesticide-free products, like jams, nuts, teas, salad dressings etc. They also sell ready to go food and even have a small restaurant and a juice bar.

There are several Lemon Farm locations in Bangkok, and all sell more organic produce than anywhere else in Bangkok. The easiest ones to get to though are on Sukhumvit Soi 39 and Sukhumvit Soi 63 (near Ekamai sky train station) as they’re more centrally located than their other branches. Lemon Farm also has a website, although unfortunately, like most Thai companies it’s only in Thai, but it does look pretty.

Gourmet Market – There are several Gourmet Markets in Bangkok, one at Siam Paragon mall, another at K Village and one at Emporium. Gourmet Market is an enormous upscale supermarket selling most supermarket items, but they also have a good selection of organic and pesticide-free produce.

Organic fruits like strawberries, apples and watermelon, as well as organic veggies like kale, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, cilantro etc are all available at Gourmet Market.

Prices here are higher than other Bangkok stores, but if you want a one-stop-shopping experience, you’ll likely find everything organic that you need at Gourmet Market and the quality here is the best in Bangkok.

Bon Marche – Bon Marche is a wonderful upscale outdoor market, that’s located in northern Bangkok away from all the tourist areas. Centered around a lovely man-made lake, Bon Marche has lots of market stalls manned by local farmers, selling fresh produce and organic and pesticide-free produce take center stage.

You’ll find most organic fruits and veggies you’re looking for at one of the market stalls as well as in a cute little organic shop that is run by one of the Royal Projects, where prices are also very inexpensive and quality is superb. Also a wonderful place for lunch or a great latte at one of the little cafes at the market.

Bon Marche is on Prachaniwet 1 Road, near Wat Samee-en Aree.


Talat Aw Taw Kaw – One of Bangkok’s large farmer’s markets, Talat Aw Taw Kaw is huge and sells just about any organic fruit and vegetable you’re looking for, with a lot of dried options too. Prices here are high, but it’s top quality stuff and, as Bangkok’s top chefs also come shopping here, you know you’re getting the real thing. Located at Khampaeng Phet underground train station just outside Exit 3, it’s also easy to get to.

These are some of the best places to buy organic and pesticide-free produce in Bangkok, Thailand and you’ll find most things you’re used to and a lot of fruit and veggies you’ve never seen before. Try some of the unusual things too. They’re almost always delicious and cheap compared to similar organic produce in the west.