Where To Find English Language Radio Stations in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is still behind other Asian countries when it comes to English language music radio stations. Most radio stations commentary in Bangkok is only in Thai language, with DJs playing western music then speaking in Thai. But there are a  couple of English language music radio stations that are worth listening to with offerings of typical Thai and western pop, easy listening and lots and lots of love songs.

Virgin Hitz 95.5 FM – Part of the Virgin Radio International conglomerate, Virgin Hitz 95.5 FM is my style when I’m feeling more energetic as they play mostly lively pop music from Thailand, the US and the UK. With artists like Westlife and Coldplay and Thai bands such as Potato and Klear, their music rocks a bit more than Wave FM 88.

You can listen live online but their website is annoying though, as it’s all in Thai, which for a station that’s mostly English on air is very bizarre, so don’t expect much if you head over there.

If you do want to listen live, just click on the headphones icon.

MET 107 FM – Not completely an English language FM radio station, I still like MET 107FM as it’s a bit more ‘grown up’. Their English language programming includes Good Morning Bangkok, with things like local news, crazy political stuff and tips on how to get to work faster. For expats in Thailand, Lifestyle Thailand is interesting with MR, the ‘Expat Expert’, who gives some great tips on where to eat, which places to stay, where to shop etc.

MET 107 FMs music includes tracks by Usher, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Avril Lavigne and Green Day, so they’re a little more edgy than the other two stations. Again, though, MET 107 FMs website is all in Thai and, even though you’re supposed to be able to listen to the station live on the internet, the link rarely works for me. If you’re in Bangkok though, they’re well worth listening to.

With not much to choose from on the English language radio station front in Bangkok, these two radio stations are worth a listen.