Where to Get Food Delivered in Bangkok, Thailand



How to get food delivered in Bangkok

When I moved to Thailand many moons ago, there weren’t that many places where you could get food delivered in Bangkok. Sure, some of the mom and pop restaurants would send a messenger on a bike, but if you wanted to order food from the larger chains or western restaurants downtown, you couldn’t get a delivery from most of them. Fast forward a decade, and it’s so easy to get food delivered in Bangkok nowadays, it’s a wonder I don’t weigh 300 lbs.

With so many places that you can call and order exactly the food you want, however, here are some of the first ones you should start with. From supermarkets to restaurants and delivery services that will drop off food from other places, Bangkok has just about everything nowadays.

Get groceries delivered from a Bangkok supermarket

My guess is, in the next couple of years, just about every Bangkok supermarket will be delivering groceries. Nowadays, there are two that do an excellent job – Tesco Lotus and Tops, and all you have to do is go to their websites, order the groceries, household supplies or other products you want and pay them. Within 24 hours, your groceries and other things will be delivered right to your front door and, as both offer free delivery if you order a certain amount, they’re well worth looking at.

Get restaurant food via a delivery service

There are some excellent delivery services in Bangkok that will bring you food from hundreds of downtown restaurants. All you have to do is get on their websites, check out all the restaurants listed and their menus and then place your order online or via phone. The delivery service then places the order with the restaurant, goes to pick it up and brings it to you whichever area of town you live in. Delivery charges, of course, are based on how far they have to travel.

You’ll find Italian, Chinese, American, French, German, Mexican and Thai restaurants listed, along with a slew of others. Food by Phone (review of their delivery service here) and Chefsxp are two of the best, although Chefsxp tends to be a bit cheaper.

Food delivery in Bangkok direct from restaurants

So many restaurants in Bangkok now deliver food themselves, you should find most of your favorite places to eat will. The Thai chain restaurants in particular now have fast delivery services, so the next time you eat there make sure you grab their delivery information on your way out.

As for smaller restaurants in your area, even if they don’t usually do food delivery in Bangkok, just ask your favorite place if they can and they’ll often be able to send a delivery boy on a motorbike with anything you want to order. If not, ask the closest motorcycle taxi guys. One of them will go to a restaurant for you, pick up your food and bring it back for a very small delivery charge.

And yes, if all else fails and you’re feeling like junk food (or should I say ‘the worst food on the planet’), yes, McDonald’s also delivers in Bangkok 24 hours a day.